Grab-A-Bag's Innovative Technology

Our devices are simple, easy to maintain and reliable. They reduce the long lines at the checkout line – no fuss, no hassle to cashiers and staff. Grab-A-Bag technology is user friendly and easy to use, similar to that of a desktop printer.

The Grab-a-Bag device is installed under the checkout counter and contains a cartridge of plastic bags, each cartridge contain up to 1500 bags, enough for a long, undisturbed shift.

Customers simply pull each bag from the device, as soon as the bag is removed, the next one appears, no more messy piles on the counter. No more pulling and tearing to open the bag.

Grab-A-Bag is equipped with an electronic card that controls the bags feed rate for maximal saving. 

Plastic bits and remains are collected in the device to keep the checkout area clean and neat. 

Grab-a-Bag allows each consumer to get a number of bags according to his or her purchase volume, bringing down the amount used by the store and reducing overall costs.


Many countries charge a small fee for every bag- where bags are charged for, Grab-a-Bag optional integrated system automatically adds the charges to the bill. This automatically saves time and hassle for the cashier and ensures the customer is charged exactly for the bags he requires. Cashier integration is achieved through a simple USB connection.

High Fidelity

Grab-a-Bag system is highly reliable and hardly needs any maintenance. The cartridge can be adjusted to almost any imaginable bag size and shape. Grab-a-Bag is low on energy consumption – a truly environment friendly device.

Programmable electronic card

Grab-A-Bag is equipped with a programmable electronic card that controls the machine for optimum performance and maximum saving 

The card sets and controls the average rate of plastic bags for optimal service and saving. The card can be programmed to pause for a defined time frame if bags feed rate is too high and can turn off the machine automatically after a defined period of no activity.

More Integrative solutions

Grab- a-Bag enables the use of the existing emergency switch to turn off Grab-A-Bag together with all other cashier equipment.

Our operating software runs on Grab-A-bag's electronic card – no need for retailers to invest on expensive, extra software development on the cashiers.


To learn more about the right Grab-a-Bag solution for you - contact us at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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