Why Plastic?

Nylon, the material, is considered among the number one enemy to the environment.
Nylon bags are not perishable and about 70% of used plastic bags worldwide is not properly disposed off.
It takes thousand of years for plastic to dissolve and it produces poisonous gases and substances that remain in the soil.

The bags are carelessly thrown and are responsible to many deaths in wildlife and domestic animals that tend to swallow them.
The bags also cause damage to plants. These plastic bags are getting wrapped in their branches and around their roots. With plastic bags entwined, the plants cannot get adequate air, water and sun to sustain them.
There are many activities and programs around the world aiming to reduce plastic bag consumption.
Some countries invest in educating the people to reduce plastic bag consumption and dispose of them properly, other require that the shops charge for plastic bags, and yet other countries tax them.
By significantly reducing plastic bag consumption Grab-A-Bag helps in the struggle to keep our environment clean and improve the image of the retail chain thus contributing to strengthening their brand.