Our History

Shekeltronix was established in 2005 as a joint venture of two well established Israeli companies: Shekel and Secutronix, with an original business concept - to develop and supply innovative technologies for retail points-of-sale, designed to protect and conserve the environment.
The founder of the new company, Mrs. Efrat Guy, and her dedicated team, quickly identified the need for a solution to one of the world commercial pollutants- Plastic bags.
Plastic bags used globally in supermarket and retail food chains pose a serious and dangerous hazard to the world's environment.
Aimed at reducing negligence and carelessness in the consumer's concept and use of the plastic bag generated the development of Shekeltronix's first product, the Grab-A-Bag. The product drastically reduces customer use. Today Grab-A-Bag is a global commercial success.
Walmart has successfully carried out two pilot operations with fifty machines and reported a 40% savings in plastic bag usage. Both pilot operations were financed by the British Government in a drive to reduce retail plastic bag consumption. Grab-A-Bag units are planned for installation in retail outlets in Spain; Turkey; Russia and USA.
At present Shekeltronix is focused on developing more user-friendly point-of-sale technologies to help protect the environment.