About Us

Shekeltronix- innovative, environment friendly solutions. Founded in 2005, Shekeltronix is the sole proprietor of an environment friendly solution to the influx of plastic bags worldwide Plastic shopping bags are distributed to customers by all major retailers around the world. Plastic bags are strong, cheap, and hygienic way of transporting items.
But disposing of plastic bags is a global problem.
Founded in 2005, Shekeltonix offers an original solution; Our unique patent ensures an immediate decrease of 30-40% in plastic bag consumption, and- this is not just a money saver for retailers and food chains- it's an environment friendly device.
Introducing Grab-A-Bag – it enables the customer to pull out plastic bags upon demand, one at a time. Connected to the main cash register and equipped with an electronic smartcard, shopping information is relayed to the dispenser and bags are released according to the volume of purchases made. We not only save on expenses – we help reduce the damage to the environment.
In the past 9 years we installed thousands of Grab A Bag devices in Israel, Spain, Turkey, Russia and in the US.
In The UK; Major retailer Walmart successfully carried out two pilot operations with fifty Grab-A Bag devices and reported a 40% savings in plastic bag usage.
Both pilot operations were financed by the British Government in a drive to reduce retail plastic bag consumption.
Environmental organizations support our product and our Research and Development team is hard at work developing advanced user-friendly point-of-sale technologies to further save on the use of plastic bags.
To learn more about our product or join us and become a Grab-a-Bag distributor, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.